Market entry and market analysis

We are impressed by the drive and inventiveness with which Chinese entrepreneurs are helping to shape the European markets. There is enormous potential here for both sides.

Recruiting and HR strategy

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, they say. We know Asian customs and European cultures inside out. This enables us to build bridges. Across national borders and continents.


Digital marketing

What are the challenges of your business? Are you making the most of your strengths? We help you increase your sales and grow as a business with operational support and customized digital marketing solutions.

Location selection

Whether you want to expand your business to the European market or open a plant in China, successfully market your products in Asia, or are looking for a strong partner in China - we can give you advice.


Market entry and market analysis

A prerequisite for a company's market entry is the approval of the products for the respective markets. We know the latest industry regulations and qualification requirements for companies and products in different markets. Thus, we can support you in meeting the requirements and implementing the market entry step by step.


Trade and brand

A brand need more than just a registered trademark. Factors such as European management systems, technologies, manufacturing methods, and a corresponding history are essential for its value. Only then can it influence the market and establish itself. We develop your brand together with you and increase its value.

What we do

Let's discover and exploit the opportunities together!

We have a professional international network of partners, find ways of realization, and have all the necessary contacts to help your business idea achieve a breakthrough.

Breaking new ground.

We are convinced that there are unique, first-class products in the German market that will also enrich the Chinese market. And the other way around.