Finding talent, and retaining specialists in the company

In recent years, digitization has completely changed the way we communicate and connect with each other. This is also having an impact on the organization of work and how people work together – and on the recruitment of qualified professionals. It has become more innovative and more diverse.

In addition to objective framework conditions such as salary and company size, factors such as corporate culture and the values a company stands for are also relevant for Generation Z talents. Such factors also play an increasingly important role in employee retention.

Most German companies recruit new employees in China by posting job ads on online job boards. This method has a wider reach compared to print media and generates more traffic to the company website. More importantly, presence on online job boards can be part of a company’s strategic employer branding, attracting more potential talented applicants.

Employer branding: How to become attractive as an employer brand

Employer branding has gained in importance in recent years. This aspect of HR development strategy combines concepts from recruitment and marketing. The aim is to market a company as an attractive employer and to differentiate it from competitors on the labor market.

Establishing employer branding has far-reaching effects on corporate strategy. It not only increases the efficiency of personnel recruiting and improves the quality of applicants, but also acts as a tool for employee motivation and retention. In addition, it plays an important role in presenting the corporate culture and strengthening the corporate brand.

We help European companies that have established themselves in China to adapt their digital marketing strategies to the Chinese market in addition to building their organizational structure. In our experience, building a unique employer brand and designing digital marketing is one of the essential elements for companies to distinguish themselves in the Chinese labor market.

In addition to personnel management, HR departments should also work on a strategic orientation in order to optimally shape their image as an employer and as a brand. Important topic areas: attracting new talent and retaining existing employees at the company, building a distinctive employer brand, and making the corporate culture tangible both internally and externally.

Recruiting in China: How to attract qualified specialists

Recruiting in China follows its own rules of the game. Based on our many years of experience in recruiting, we have defined the three most important steps for successful recruiting in China. We combine recruiting and marketing strategies to shape the image and improve the attractiveness of a company.

Recruitment strategy with digital marketing

  • We work with our clients to develop a strategy for recruitment and create an appropriate plan. This includes the selection of job boards, the sequence of job postings, and the recruitment process.
  • We research salary ranges and analyze talent pools for advertised positions to give our partner an accurate picture of potential candidates.
  • A professional web and social media presence that reflects the corporate culture is an essential element with which our clients can start the recruitment process.

Job posting, selection of job boards and recruitment process.

  • When writing a job offer, not only content and form are important, but also the marketing aspect. A good job offer not only expresses the employer's desire for qualified professionals, but also allows candidates to get a first impression of the employer. The creation of a job offer should be done with the help of a personnel consultant and using appropriate industry insights.
  • After an initial selection process, we arrange interviews in which employers and the suitable candidates get to know each other personally.
  • We design employment contracts based on the framework conditions of the employers and negotiate the conditions with the candidates.

Supervision of the new employees

Many European companies are confronted with a challenge in their branches in China: high staff turnover. Hiring employees is therefore only the first step in a successful recruiting strategy. The next step is to help the new employees quickly find their way around the company, become well integrated into the respective teams - and retain them in the long term. All this is important to reduce staff turnover. The third and sixth months after joining the company often determine whether an employee will stay with the company. During this period, we ensure close and trusting communication with the newly hired employees.

Peculiarities of job advertisement in China

When it comes to Chinese job boards, each platform has its own specifics - from search engine settings to company presentation to backup support.

Different recruiting platforms have different focuses and should be differentiated and selected according to the publishing strategy and job characteristics.

The cost of posting jobs in China is relatively low compared to European job boards. This results in a great deal of flexibility in the selection of suitable platforms. In most cases, it makes sense to choose a combination of different platforms.

Social media is also an important recruiting tool in China: WeChat and Weibo are large social networks where job ads can be posted well.

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