We offer European companies strong support in their management team

Investing in China can prove to be extremely worthwhile for European companies. However, it is important to keep an eye on possible challenges and to minimize risks. We support you as a strategic partner in analyzing the opportunities, we accompany you in planning and implementing the right steps and we offer you concrete support in every step of the project: If your management team needs a reinforcement who is familiar with the Chinese markets, we are there for you. Whether you are missing a CEO, CSO, CFO, or CTO who is made for these specific requirements – we also offer our service in the form of a reinforcement of your team. We can join your company as an interim C-level manager and quickly help shape decision-making processes. Thanks to our management know-how and in-depth industry insights, you can involve us directly in the management of your company.

In addition to traditional CFO tasks, we also act as bridge builders for European companies in China. We are the missing link between the European shareholders and the local organization in China. We help you to implement your strategic goals and to optimize the cooperation between Europe and China.


The interim management service we offer is not provided by one person, but by a team of specialists. The management will be based on the company's own control and synchronization of Chinese and foreign cooperation. Our team of experts includes both Chinese management experts with extensive experience in the industrial field and experts with many years of experience in European-Chinese cooperation.

We have multinational experience and a cross-cultural background, which enables us to optimize communication between the European and Chinese sides of the company. Thus, together we can quickly eliminate communication difficulties, misunderstandings, and ambiguities caused by different cultural backgrounds.

Support of the management

In addition to completing the teams in the area of fund management, accounting reporting, preparation of financial reports or budget preparation, we also offer our analytical expertise for internal company controls or in cooperation with external auditors. In addition, we will actively cooperate with the audit work of the parent company.

Integration and implementation

As CFO, we play an active role in shaping the successful development of the company, taking into account the strategic requirements of the European shareholders. We advise the European shareholders on the effective communication of the overall strategy with the Chinese management. We analyze the synergy potential between European parent companies and Chinese subsidiaries, develop special projects and monitor their implementation.  In addition, we support the company in the execution of acquisitions, mergers, divestitures and restructurings.

Meet our experts for interim management

Nan Ju Senior Partner Clevana

Nan Ju
Senior Partner
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Wei Tao
Founder | Managing Director
Frankfurt am Main, Germany