“Reengineering(Change Management)means that companies must continuously improve because that is the only way they can survive and grow in an ever-changing market and in the face of fierce competition.”
— Jacek Helle, expert in reengineering

Restructuring - the quick way out of the crisis situation

When companies run into financial difficulties, there is often a lack of crisis management experience at the various management levels. Here, the support of a newly established team with a wealth of experience can help to quickly emerge from the crisis – and improve the situation step by step.

We support companies that find themselves in a financial emergency. Our team of experts has extensive experience that enables them to quickly analyze the current liquidity situation and develop an appropriate liquidity plan. We ensure efficient communication with creditors, negotiate solutions to the crisis, and develop restructuring plans. By acting decisively, we swiftly put plans into action, helping all parties involved to get the company back on track for success.

What are the challenges of crisis management?

Time pressure

It is not an everyday situation in that companies run into liquidity problems. As a result, most executives do not have experience in dealing with financial crises. A team of experts specialized in dealing with crisis situations can quickly remedy the situation by stabilizing the company to remain able to deliver.

Decision pressure

Chinese shareholders often lack experience in crisis management. When the management of one of their foreign companies faces the dilemma of filing for insolvency, the advice and guidance of restructuring experts are essential for making the right decisions.

Decreasing power

Companies that get into financial distress cannot afford to invest, which leads to a continuous deterioration of their competitiveness and a drop in performance. They then urgently need capital as well as restructuring concepts and measures to generate positive cash flow again and operate profitably. Optimizing costs, production structures, and processes is important for this.

Incomplete information for decision-making

Thanks to our extensive experience – including in crisis management – our team can quickly analyze the current state of the company and efficiently prepare precise reports for shareholders. In this way, we provide comprehensive and effective support for shareholders’ decision-making and implementation.

Lack of protection of interests of shareholders

To the extent permitted by the legal framework, we always initially design restructuring plans in the interests of all stakeholders, including financiers, employees, and clients. However, they are implemented without disadvantaging other creditors.

Limited availability of resources

Our team supports you in the rapid preparation of a liquidity and business plan. Parallel negotiations with creditors on reorganization options are absolutely essential in order to continue to develop positively in an efficient and cost-effective manner despite limited resources.

Turnaround - improving the profitability of overseas companies after investment

Our aim is to actively promote cooperation between the parent company and its subsidiaries abroad. So that both sides achieve and improve their competitiveness.

We identify weaknesses in management and operations with a series of measures. These include analyzing the business model, market, competitive environment, product line, and value chain. While our team develops solution concepts for the company, we also optimize the product portfolio or introduce measures such as improving production efficiency to increase sales.

Increasing the profitability of foreign subsidiaries

With a clear view of the big picture, we routinely analyze business strategies and processes, identify sources of loss, improve internal controlling systems, and develop or implement optimization measures with the aim of eliminating organizational weaknesses and reducing non-value-adding activities. We also continuously optimize product portfolios and production processes.

Here's how we improve collaboration between the two teams after an acquisition

We promote communication and intercultural competence on both sides when European and Chinese teams are to grow together. In this way, we often lay the foundation for the success of the integration. In areas such as technology transfer, product development, and market entry, we assist both stakeholders in putting together the appropriate project teams and implementing specific assignments. We do this on an ad hoc basis if necessary, but are happy to accompany the implementation processes competently and over the long term to ensure their success.

Improving joint competitiveness after integration

We support both sides in combining their competencies in areas such as distribution channels, technology research and development, and in complementing each other for the purpose of cost optimization and diversification of financing channels, so that together they create clear competitive advantages over the competition.

Meet our restructuring and turnaround experts

Nan Ju Senior Partner Clevana

Nan Ju
Senior Partner
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Wei Tao
Founder | Managing Director
Frankfurt am Main, Germany